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Thecrypto traders worry only about one thing and that is the safety of theirdigital assets. Many of the software wallets claim to have the best securityand maybe it is true but nothing can beat the protection provided by the hardwarewallets to the funds stored in it. And the best hardware wallet that you coulduse is the Ledger wallet.

Inthe further sections of the write-up, you will get the full details of thisLedger live wallet use.

Pros of Ledger

·        The wallet gives users a chance to track allthe investments made by them.

·        Getting regular updates related to the pricechanges of the crypto coins.

·        Availability of several layers of security tokeep the funds protected all the time.

·        Plenty of listed crypto assets giving a varietyof options to select from.

How to get started with Ledger?

Beforeyou start with the crypto assets dealing, you have to undergo the process of walletsetup and it can only be executed if you the guide that is given below toprovide you with the much-needed assistance if this is your first hardwarewallet account.

1.      While taking out the Ledger device from itsbox, you will see a USB cable. Take out the cable as well.

2.      Then plug it into the ledger device and yourPC.

3.      Switch on the device by pressing both thebuttons given on the device.

4.      Then a link would be given on the walletscreen, open the same link on your computer screen.

5.      You will now be prompted to install the LedgerLive Wallet application on the computer you are currently operating on.

6.      Then open the same application and press ‘Setup as a new device’.

7.      Disconnect and reconnect both of the deviceswith each other again.

8.      Set up a Wallet PIN.

9.      Enable the fingerprint sensor also.

10.  In the final step, keep the Secret RecoveryPhrase as shown on the wallet.

Wallet login procedure

Onceyou have been registered on the wallet platform you will have to log in to youraccount to access your crypto assets stored in it. After that, you can startdealing with your assets. The way to log is described further:

1.      For login, connect the device exactly like theway you have done at the time of set up.

2.      Then open the Ledger Live wallet applicationinstalled.

3.      Enter the account PIN.

4.      Then match the fingerprint for unlocking thelast security layer given to the account.

Younow have full access to your funds that could be used in any manner you want.

Wrapping it Up!

Asthe final thoughts, all we have to say is that you should give this wallet atry if spending a little money is not much concern for you. We hope that ourreview of the Ledger.com/start Live wallet has provided you with enough information foryou to get started with the wallet.